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Phthalic Anhydride Plant - 90,000 TPY
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Capacity 90,000 TPY

The plant consists of 2 production lines. Line 1 has capacity of 30,000 TPY, Line 2 60,000 TPY. In addition, the plant makes 6,000 TPY of fumaric acid as a by-product. The production includes 4 main process sections: (a) oxidation (b) condensing (c) distillation (d) gas scrubbing. The two lines share distillation, flaking machine and fumaric acid tanks. Oxidation process unit was newly built in 1992; switch condenser was new in 1997. The operation can reach raw material and utility consumptions better than 0.901 ton of orthoxylene, 137,000 KWH and 2,910 ton of steam per ton of Phthalic Anhydride product. Purified Phthalic Anhydride product has the specifications: Purity > 99.5%; Crystallization point (or solidification) > 130.8 °C; Benzoic acid < 1000 ppm; Phthalide < 800 ppm.

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