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Furfural Plant - 18,000 BPD
Stock # 244
Capacity 18,000 BPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used furfural plant immediately available. The furfural extraction unit is a part of a lube oil complex to produce lube feed stock. It removes a certain amount of aromatic compounds from the waxy distillate feed so that the viscosity index of the waxy distillate produced in the MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) unit is a minimum of 101 for 100 N waxy distillate and 95 for 325N waxy distillate. After the furfural extraction is a G-oil unit, which is a low severity hydrotreater removing sulfer from the Raffinate feed produced by the furfural unit. The original process was designed by TEXCO. The plant was upgraded in 1989.

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