Edible Oil Plants for Sale

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3 Edible Oil Plants for Sale
Edible Oil Refinery - 300 TPD
Stock # 299
Capacity 300 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 300 TPD Edible Oil Refinery immediately available. The plant refines crude vegetable oils which are extracted from soya, palm, sunflower, canola seeds, etc, to edible oils.

Soybean Oil Extraction Plant - 540,000 TPY
Stock # 331
Capacity 540,000

This complete 540,000 TPY soybean oil extraction plant uses continuous solvent extraction process to produce soybean oil. The plant includes three major sections: preparation, extraction and degumming.

Solvent Extraction Plant - 500 TPD
Stock # 451
Capacity 500 TPD

The plant is to use Hexane as solvent to extract oil and other chemical compositions from wood stumps and vegetable seeds. The plant includes a preparation unit which chips feed material into small size to enhance extraction efficiency. Depending on feed material, the counter-current extraction process may vary from 60 to 160 minutes. Hexane solvent is sprayed over the moving bed of material and the oil compositions are removed from the material. The mixture of oil and solvent forms miscella which is sent to distillation unit. Extracted material is fed to desolventiser. Miscella is heated and flashed/stripped gradually to separate hexane and oil components. This process is under vacuum to reduce hexane losses and minimize steam consumption. Uncondensed vapor from distillation is trapped in mineral oil and recovered in the recovery section.

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