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Acrylic Fiber Plant - 30,000 TPY
Stock # 219
Capacity 30,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Acrylic Fiber plant immediately available. The polymer shall be produced in solvent as dope using two polymerisation lines. The plant has been designed to produce ACRYLIC FIBRE tow or staple, bright or semiull, raw white or gel dyed, with three spinning lines operating in continuous for 8.000 hours/year. The plant capacity based on staple fibre, 3.3 dtex/filament, 132 Ktex/tow, will be 30.000 tpy. Consider that smaller filament count reduces the production rate of the line up to 15%. The production scheme is very flexible and can be agreed with the Buyer, mainly to define the cutting and baling area. Filament count: 1.3 ; 1.7; 2.2; 3.3; 5.6; 8.9; 11; 17 dtex Cut length from 38 to 150 mm The production in commercial raw fibre expected by this plant is: Grade A fibre 93% Grade B fibre 5,0% Wastes 2,0% (all the waste fibre not dyed can be totally recycled to polymerisation dept.).

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