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Caprolactam Plant - 50,000 TPY
Stock # 233
Capacity 50,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used caprolactam plant immediately available. This plant used phenol as raw material to produce 50,000 TPY caprolactam and 140,000 ammonium sulfate. The plant was only operated for 4 years. All equipment is maintained well. Technical assistance for re-installation and start-up can be provided. This Caprolactam plant with production capacity 50.0 thousand tons per year (liquid and crystalline) and ammonium sulfate with project capacity 140.0 thousand tons per year. The finished product is the result of a process based on the reaction of oximation cyclohexanone with hydroxylamine sulfate, followed by isomerization (rearrangement Beckmann ) of obtained cyclohexanonoxim to Caprolactam.

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