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2 Butadiene Plants for Sale
Butadiene Plant - 90,000 TPY
Stock # 264
Capacity 90,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Butadiene plant immediately available. This plant has capacity of 90,000 TPY pure butadiene, or 210,000 TPY crude C4 fraction. The plant generates 99.6% pure butadiene, Raffinate 1 (contains less than 0.2% butadiene) and acetylenes off gas Raw material is ethylene.

Butadiene Plant - 60,000 TPY
Stock # 381
Capacity 60,000 TPY

Phoenix Equipment has for sale a 60,000 TPY Butadiene production plant. The plant processes the C4 fraction through an initial extractive distillation using dimethylformamide (DMF), by separating the butylenes and butanes from the butadiene and acetylenics. With a second extractive distillation it separates the vinyl acetylene, and finally, through a rectification process, it separates the methyl acetylene and the heavy hydrocarbons from the 1,3-butadiene (butadiene). These three main sections are combined with others using vessels to purify the solvent and to additivate the processing of various chemicals from a condensation water circuit, from a tower water circuit and from a flare and draining header. The produced butadiene has a minimum title of 99.6%. A recovery of 98% in weight is expected in the project conditions compared to the inflowing butadiene with C4 fraction.

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