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Aromatics Plant - 425,000 TPY
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The purpose of this aromatics plant is to produce and clean the benzene from gasoline supplied by the steam cracker and the unit of resins, and to produce C5 cut, C6 raffinate, dopes (mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons from C8 to C11) and flushing oil (mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons from C11 to C14). Raw materials are gasoline (raw, heavy, light, aromatic) and C6/TX cut. The plant includes several process units: (A) Raw gasoline hydrostabilisation and separation by distillation of several components (HDT 100 and HDT 1100 units); (B)Transformation of the toluene and the xylene contained in the TX cut in benzene by hydrodesulfuration and hydrodéalkylation (HDTA unit); (C) Extraction of the benzene contained in the C6 cut (DISTAPEX unit); (D) Unit of compression of the hydrogen.

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