Hydrogen (HyCo) & Synthesis Gas (Syngas) Plants for Sale

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7 Hydrogen (HyCo) & Synthesis Gas (Syngas) Plants for Sale
HyCo (Syngas) Plant - 13,200 Nm3/hr
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Capacity 13,200 ...

Used 13,200 Nm3/hr Linde process HyCo (Syngas) plant. Design capacity 10,000 Nm3/hr hydrogen, 3,200 Nm3/hr carbon dioxide. Turndown ratio 30%. Started in 1991, technical upgrades in 1998 and 2002, still in operation, will shut down soon. Natural gas feedstock. 42 reforming tubes, last replaced in 2010. Include pressure swing absorption (PSA) hydrogen purification system. Product purity H2 99.99%, CO 99%. Consumption: 2912 Kg/h natural gas as fuel, 1004 Kg/h natural gas feed to reforming, 23 tons/h water for syngas plant process, 271 m3/h water as cooling water. All equipment annually inspected, in excellent condition.

Hydrogen Plant - 25,000 Nm3/hr
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Capacity 25,000 ...

Used 25,000 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Plant, designed by Foster Wheeler. Built in 2007. Hydrogen product at 99.99% purity, CO + CO2 less than 10 ppmv. Feed gas flow rate 15.8 tons/hr at 30 Bar. The gas compressor is an LMF type B254-360N3.3 electrically driven 6KV 1400KW, 3 stage piston type. Delivery rate 10,400 Nm³/hr, suction pressure 2.8 bar, discharge pressure 33 Bar, 375 rpm. Mixed gas heated to 300°C in two passes and fed to the hydrodesulphurizer reactor, which is loaded with 5 tons of CoMo catalyst, then passes through two sulphur absorber reactors which have 15.8 tons of zinc oxide catalyst in both. Reformer has 96 tubes, operates at 520°C and at 27 bar. The H2/CO rich gases exit the reformer tubes at 875°C, passing through the reformer waste heat exchanger. Plant includes a complete pressure swing absorption unit (PSA) for final hydrogen product purification.

Hydrogen Plant - 1,500 Nm3/hr
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Capacity 1,500 ...

Used 55,000 SCFH (or 1,500 Nm3/hr) Glitsch designed steam-methane-reforming (SMR) process hydrogen plant. Started 1995, shutdown 2006. Natural gas feedstock. Reforming catalyst type G90-B. Include pressure swing absorption (PSA) hydrogen purification system. Product purity 99.99%, pressure 208 psig, temperature 100 °F, dew point -56 °C. Export steam 5410 lbs/hr at 250 psig, 407 °F. Electrical consumption 112 KW. Most equipment skid-mounted for easy relocation. Currently mothballed and under nitrogen blanket.

Hydrogen Plant - 95,000 SCFH
Stock # 447
Capacity 95,000

Used 95,000 SCFH (2,600 Nm3/hr) hydrogen plant. Built in 1992. Designed by Howe Baker Engineering of USA. Product purity: 99.9%. Feedstock: Natural Gas. Inlet pressure approximately 50 PSIG. Compressed to approximately 370 PSIG at 190 degrees F. Feed gas stream is preheated to approximately 750 degrees F. Uses cobalt-moly hydrotreating catalyst. Desulfurizers and zinc oxide catalyst. Superheated to 950 F in the reformer convection section reformer feed preheat coil. Syngas reforming at a temperature of approximately 1440 degrees F. Flue gas from the reformer at approximately 1900 degrees F.

Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr
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Capacity 2,350 ...

Used Howe-Baker process Hydrogen Plant for sale. Natural gas enters the plant at approximately 30 PSIG and 90 degrees F, and is compressed to approximately 300 PSIG at 160 degrees F before it goes into desulfurizer. The desulfurized stream is preheated to 950 degrees F, and then mixes with steam. The mixture reacts with a catalyst to generate a stream of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, and methane as the gas passes through the reformer. The gas flows into the Shift Converter vessel where steam and carbon monoxide are catalyzed forming more hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The process gas stream is cooled before entering the condensate drum and then enter the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) System, which mixes the cold condensate and boiler feedwater for the deaerator. The PSA purification system uses adsorption to remove all impurities such as carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, producing a high purity hydrogen product. All steam is generated by recovering waste heat.

Hydrogen Plant - 2,550 Nm3/h
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Capacity 2,550 ...

Used HydroChem process hydrogen plant for sale. Built in 1980, shut down in 2012. Produce hydrogen product at 99.99% purity at 200 psig. Its reformer originally had 20 tubes, now totally 15 tubes available. Waste heat boiler generates up to 5,000 Lbs/hr steam at 250 psig. Natural gas compressor and reformer burner are missing. Catalyst still in vessels, need to be discharged and disposed. PSA vessels replaced in 1998, switch vales installed in 2008/2009.

Stock # 457
Capacity 15.7 ...

Hydro-Chem (now Linde) designed 15.7 MMSCFD (18,500 Nm3/hr) syngas reforming (hydrogen and carbon monoxide) plant almost like new immediately available for purchase. The plant was built in 2016 and operated for only a few months. This plant was designed to use landfill gas and/or natural gas to produce synthesis gas, which is then converted into paraffinic naphtha, diesel and wax by Fischer-Tropsch process. The syngas output flow rate is at 500 °F and 175 psig. The syngas has the following composition (mol %): Hydrogen 43.01, Carbon Monoxide 16.37, Carbon Dioxide 8.34, Nitrogen 3.90, Methane 1.42, Argon 0.16, Water 26.79. Capacity may be varied from the control panel from 100% of design to 40% of design. The syngas can also be further processed depending on the desired final products such as ammonia and methanol.

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