Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 120 TPD

Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 120 TPD
STOCK# 232
Capacity 120 TPD

Used 120 TPD Ammonia (NH3) plant. N-Ren Amopak process designed for high mobility. Major revamp and improvement in 2012. Equipment dismantled and ready for quick loading and transport. Major process sections: primary reformer, secondary reformer, shift converter, methanator. Compressor train consists of air compressor, refrigeration compressor and synthesis loop compressor. Operation pressure in reforming and purification section: 240 psig, in synthesis Loop 4850 psig - 5150 psig. Consumption: natural gas 38,000 SCF per ton; Steam: 3,500 lbs per ton; Electricity: 740 KWH per ton.

Major Equipment
Ammonia Convertor
CO2 Absorber
Clark Compressor
Worthington Compressor
Condensator Separator
MDEA Cooler
Acid Gas Cooler

Ammonia, NH3

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