Stock # 227
Capacity 72,900 TPY
Products Zeolites, Sodium Silicate,


Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 72,900 TPY Complete Zeolite plant immediately available. Aqueous solutions of sodium silicate and sodium aluminate are being blended in a mixer without exerting pressure. Before, aluminate base is being produced in a blending and dissolution process by mixing aluminum hydroxide with caustic soda. Both solutions react slightly exothermically by precipitating amorphous sodium-aluminum-silicate. Through heating up, crystallization is being initiated and terminated in down-stream retention vessels. This crystal-suspension then is separated in a continuous process on vacuum belt filters. The accumulated filter cake is being neutralized by washing. Through introduction of shear forces it is being fluidized made pumpable. This suspension then is being stabilized by addition of surfactants. The liquid phase separated from the filter is being recycled and processed in a circulatory system while being concentrated. Accumulated condensate water is being used for washing or process equipment. The process can be run continuously or intermittently; depending on how running both precipitation and crystallization reactors are operated. The process is free of air and water emissions.

Major Equipment

This 72,900 TPY Zeolite Plant available at Phoenix Equipment comes complete with the following equipment:

Separator Vessels
Tank Farm
Pumps and Valves
and Much More!
Year Build
Year Shut
72,900 TPY

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