Formic Acid (FA) Plant - 20,000 TPY

Formic Acid (FA) Plant - 20,000 TPY

Used 20,000 TPY Formic Acid (FA) Plant built in 1985. This plant uses methanol and carbon monoxide (CO) as raw materials. The plant is still in operation. All the equipment is maintained very well. The product FA, with purity of higher than 99.5%. The product has applications such as Auxiliary in the textile and leather, Rubber coagulation, Pharmaceuticals intermediate, Cleaning stainless and aluminum Silage (protecting chlorophyl), Plating, Rust removers. The plant also generates Methylformate (MF) as intermediate chemical.

Major Equipment
Methylformate (MF) reactor
Methylformate (MF) tray tower
Formic acid reactors (Zr Zirconium lined)
Formic acid distillation columns (Zr Zirconium lined and SHOMAC stainless steel lined)
Packing tower
Zr Zirconium lined pipes
PTFE lined pipes

Formic Acid

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