Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD

Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD
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Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD Ammonia (NH3) Plant - 1,140 TPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Ammonia plant immediately available. Gas enters the synthesis section at a ratio of approximately three parts hydrogen to one part nitrogen. This ratio is maintained with only small variances to enhance catalyst reaction during ammonia conversion. Compression raises the process gas stream to the higher pressure as coolers and chillers, utilized between compressor stages, maintain temperature. Following process gas to ammonia conversion over a high temperature catalyst bed, the process stream is cooled. Exchangers, coolers, and chillers are utilized to reduce the gas stream temperature with either water, ammonia or a cooler gas stream to drop out the liquid ammonia for storage. This plant is a part of an ammonia and urea production facility. Review Plant # 206 for the information of the 1,350 TPY urea plant.

Major Equipment
Primary Reformer Secondary Reformer Ammonia Converter Startup Boilers Carbon Dioxide Absorption Column Methanator Compressors Isolation Systems Ammonia Pumps Steam/Heating Systems Cooling Systems

Ammonia, NH3

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