Refinery - 150,000 BPD

Refinery - 150,000 BPD
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Refinery - 150,000 BPD Refinery - 150,000 BPD Refinery - 150,000 BPD

Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Petrochemical Refinery immediately available. The idled refinery has the following processing units available: • Low Sulfur Gasoline Unit • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit • Catalytic Reforming Unit • Sulfolane/ Clay Treating Unit • Hydrotreating Unit • Isomerization Unit • Catalytic Polymerization Unit • Alkylation Unit • Butadiene Hydrogenation Unit • Cumene Unit • Sulfur Recovery Unit • Waste Water Treating Plant • Benzene NESHAPS Unit • Power House • Co-generation power plant • Flare Gas Recovery Unit • Vacuum Pipe Still The whole refinery facilities or an individual unit can be purchased.

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