Carbon Black Plant - 15,000 TPY

Carbon Black Plant - 15,000 TPY

Unused 15,000 TPY Carbon Black Plant. Using ethylene tar oil as feed, this plant has two production zone: one is Carbon Black Production Zone, which produces 15,000 metric tons per year of carbon black; the second zone is Tail Gas Boiler Zone, which produces steam to be used for production service and treat emission gases from Carbon Black Production Zone to meet environment protection requirement. Product grades are N121, N220, N234, N330, N339, N375, N110, N115, N219, N299, N231, N326, N332, N347 and N351. All equipment is new in box, ready for shipment.

Major Equipment
This 15000 TPY Carbon Black plant comes with the following complete sections:
Carbon Black Reaction
-Fuel Oil Burner Assembly
-Combustion Section
-Throat Section
-Reaction Section
-Quench Section and Resident Section
Process Air System
Fuel Oil System

Carbon Black, Steam

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