Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD
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Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD

Nitric Acid Plant - 550 STPD

Stock # 488
Capacity 550 STPD
Products Nitric Acid 61%


Used 550 STPD UHDE Medium Pressure (65 – 70 psig) Process Nitric Acid Plant built in 1987. The plant consists of a BASF selective abator to reduce NOx in the tail gas. Ammonia consumption is 0.284 ton of ammonia per 1 ton of 100% nitric acid product. The plant has turn down/up ratio of 80% - 110%. It ran at 605 STPD capacity before shutdown. The plant was commissioned in 1987 and shut down in 2015. The absorption tower was replaced in 2001 and repaired in 2002. The cooler condenser was replaced in 2007. ABB Navigation DCS system was installed in 2004. The plant has a 14-stage air compressor designed by Sulzer. All major spares are available: 8000 HP motor, spare compressor rotating assembly at Sulzer, spare mixed gas filter, blade carrier and various compressor spare parts on site. A spare expander exists and may be included in the sales package.

Major Equipment

Air Compressor and Motor (M/MC101)
Steam Drum (D101)
Feed Water/Deaerator (D102)
Chilled Water Head Tank (D108)
Lube Oil System (D111)
Separator for Tailgas (D113)
Overhead Oil Storage Tank (D114)
Ammonia Evaporator I & II (E101, E102)
Ammonia Stripper and Preheater (E103 & E104)
Process Gas Cooler (E105)
Economizer (E106)
Cooler Condenser (E107)
Tailgas Heater I, II, III, (E108, E109, & E110)
Feedwater Preheaters A & B (E111A & B)
Ammonia Gas Filter (F101)
Mixed Gas Filter (F103)
Cooling Water Strainer (F105)
Steam Drum Circulating Pumps (P103A & B)
Feed Water Pumps (P104A & B)
Ammonia Burner (R101)
Catalyst Basket (R102)
Ammonia Tailgas Reactor (R103)
Absorption Towers (T101A & B)
Bleacher Tower (T102)
Tailgas Turbine (Y101)
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550 STPD

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