Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr

Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr
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Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr Hydrogen Plant - 2,350 Nm3/hr
STOCK# 450
Capacity 2,350 Nm3/hr

Used Howe-Baker process Hydrogen Plant for sale. Natural gas enters the plant at approximately 30 PSIG and 90 degrees F, and is compressed to approximately 300 PSIG at 160 degrees F before it goes into desulfurizer. The desulfurized stream is preheated to 950 degrees F, and then mixes with steam. The mixture reacts with a catalyst to generate a stream of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, and methane as the gas passes through the reformer. The gas flows into the Shift Converter vessel where steam and carbon monoxide are catalyzed forming more hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The process gas stream is cooled before entering the condensate drum and then enter the Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) System, which mixes the cold condensate and boiler feedwater for the deaerator. The PSA purification system uses adsorption to remove all impurities such as carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, producing a high purity hydrogen product. All steam is generated by recovering waste heat.

Major Equipment
Feed Gas Compressor
Flue Gas Steam Generator
Steam Drum
Blow Down Drum
Process Steam Generator
Process Gas Cooler
Process Condensate Separator
PSA Adsorbers
Off Gas Drum
Waste Gas Steam Generator Boiler
Shift Converter


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