Amine Plant - 43 MMSCFD

Amine Plant - 43 MMSCFD
STOCK# 436
Capacity 43 MMSCFD

Plant built in 1995. Capacity: 43 MMSCFD (or 300 – 500 GPM). Plant has been dismantled. One (1) 328 GPM pump and one (1) 650 GPM pump have been removed. All other equipment is available. Equipment data files are available. Amine contactor specifications: 48” ID X 50’ S/S, 1440 psig at 130 °F, 20 Trays.

Major Equipment
Inlet Scrubber
Filter Separator
Amine Contactor
Lean Cooler
Flash Tank
Charcoal Filter
Heat Exchanger
Still Reflux Accumulator
Reflux Condenser
Still Tower
Heat Medium Surge Tank
Reflux Pumps

Not Listed

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