Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY
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Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY

Vitamin E Plant - 2,500 TPY

Stock # 425
Capacity 2,500 TPY
Products Vitamin E


Used 2,500 TPY Vitamin E Plant built in 1997. Designed for the distillation and purification of synthetic Vitamin E. The initial distillation system consists of a Ketema falling film evaporator, a Buss thin film evaporator, two Buss wiped film evaporators and associated vacuum systems, condensers and receivers. In order to increase purity of the final product, a continuous vacuum distillation system was added, composed of two large packed (Koch BX packing) distillation columns with Pfaudler wiped film evaporators as reboilers. Equipment is in good condition and available with all documentation.

Major Equipment

• (2) Distillation columns (continuous vacuum distillation system)
• Lights evaporator (wiped film) and Heavies evaporator (wiped film)
• Falling film evaporator
• Thin film evaporator
• Wiped film evaporator
Year Build
Year Shut
2,500 TPY

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