Methanol Plant - 43 TPD

Methanol Plant - 43 TPD
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Methanol Plant - 43 TPD Methanol Plant - 43 TPD
STOCK# 420
Capacity 43 TPD

Used 43 TPD Methanol Plant built in 2009. Designed to utilize the syngas generated from a biomass gasifier to produce organic methanol or mixed alcohols. The can also use the syngas generated from natural gas reformer and coal gasifier as feedstock. The process is pentane-based batch azeotrope separation. The 1st and 2nd gas compressor skid system is rated at MAWP 425 psig at 300F, with 1750HP motor; the 3rd and 4th compressor skid is White Superior Frame 72 - (2) cylinder rated at 2500 psig at 300F, 1750 HP. The catalytic methanol converter is designed for 3.9 MMBTU/hr, using MegaMax 700 catalyst supplied by Sud Chemie of Germany. Operation manuals and drawings are available. Sales package includes all interconnecting pipes, structure and instruments. Although gasifier or reformer is not included in this plant, Phoenix Equipment can supply a syngas production unit, which generates 10,000 Nm3/hr of hydrogen. See Plant # 405 for more details. (

Major Equipment
- Syngas absorber
- Syngas compressor
- Methanol converter
- Refrigeration system
- Evaporator
- Condenser
- Synloop compressor
- Centrifugal blower
- Compressor dampener pressure vessel
- Atmospheric flash drum
- High pressure flash drum
- Low pressure gas condenser
- Quench separator
- Scrubber vessel
- Separator vessel
Note: Syngas reformer or biomass gasifier is not included in the sale package.


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