Methanol Plant - 465 TPD

Methanol Plant - 465 TPD

Used 465 TPD Methanol Plant built in 1979. Uses low pressure process from Lurgi of Germany. The plant has capacity of 465 TPD if raw material is natural gas, or 535 TPD if raw material is naphtha. The plant has three process sections. The first section receives and clean raw material, which is heated to fixed temperature and in fixed ratio mixed with water steam. This mixture goes to reformer where at app. 1000 degree C in special pipes filled with catalyst to generate synthesis gas. The second process section is for raw methanol synthesis, which is an exothermal reaction in synthesis loop. The first section uses 4 columns for final methanol production distillation. Three of the columns are used for methanol distillation, and the fourth column for re-distllation of waste water and deprivation of alcohol addition. The plant has Foxboro control system. The plant has shut down and is currently cold preserved.

Major Equipment
Tubular steam reformer
Start up heater
Hydrogenation reactor
Desulfurization reactor
Rich gas reactor
Hydrogen separation unit
Natural gas / naphtha super heaters
Turbine steam super heater
Combustion air blower
Hydrogen stripper
Flue gas boiler
Primary dearator
Blow down drum
Methanol reactor
Methanol separator
Methanol condenser
Condensate separator
Steam turbine
Methanol purification column
Trim reboiler
Methanol cooler
Expansion gas cooler
Pure methanol reflux vessel


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