Air Separation Unit - 450 MTPD

Air Separation Unit - 450 MTPD
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Air Separation Unit - 450 MTPD
STOCK# 409
Capacity 450 MTPD

This air separation unit is capable to produce 450 metric tons per day of gaseous oxygen (GOX), 180 metric tons per day of gaseous nitrogen and 180 metric tons per day of pumped liquid oxygen (LOX). The main air compressor is Atlas Copco model HL9-5 centrifugal air compressor with water wash facility and system cooling facility with cooling tower. The modular designed cold box has all control valves and circuitry located at or close to ground level for easy operation, inspection and maintenance. The back-up system is steam fed vaporisers with one train per each product (nitrogen and oxygen), capable of vaporising liquid from storage tanks to match outputs from ASU operation. Full gas analysis and control uses Teledyne Analytical Equipment hardware.

Major Equipment
Down flow reboiler
Fron end chiller
Off TSA adsorbtion unit
Air compressor
Oxygen / nitrogen product compressor
Cold box
ABB electrical system
Bailey PLC control system

Oxygen, Nitrogen

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