22.34 MW GE LM2500PE Gas Turbine Generator

22.34 MW GE LM2500PE Gas Turbine Generator
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22.34 MW GE LM2500PE Gas Turbine Generator 22.34 MW GE LM2500PE Gas Turbine Generator

This power generation package includes a refurbished GE LM2500PE Gas Turbine and a BADX 7-167ER generator manufactured by Brush Electric Machines. The LM2500PE gas generator incorporates a 16-stage axial-flow compressor capable of reaching 18:1 pressure ratio. Inlet guide vanes and adjustable stator vanes on the first six compressor stages provide for efficient operation over the entire operating range. The LM2500 is a simple cycle, two shaft engine consisting of a gas generator and a power turbine. Generators are directly coupled to the Power Turbine Flange for 50 Hz. The LM2500 features variable geometry in the compressor, an annular combustor, air-cooled turbine blades and vanes, and a power turbine designed to provide high efficiency over a wide range of output power. Modular construction simplifies field repair and replacement. The LM2500 is manufactured with corrosion resistant coatings to extend hot section life. Excluded from the package are (1) Exhaust silencer, a flex joint, a transition section and exhaust stack; (2) Air Filtration System and metal beam support system for the air filtration housing; (3) Metal beam support.

Major Equipment
- GE LM 2500 PE Gas
- Generator (Brush Electric Machines)
- Turbine to Generator Coupling
- L. O. System : GT L.O. Tank 600L,
GT Driven Lube Pump; Generator L.O. Tank 800L, Gen. Shaft Driven Pump
- Fuel System : Fuel Pump, Filter, Fuel Control / SO Valves, Flow Meter
- Water Wash : Cleaning Tank, Nozzle Spray Manifold
- Hyd. Start: Hydraulic Lube Tank 150L, Charge Pump, Circ. Pump, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Electric Motor
- Control System : Net Con 5000
- Vibration System : Bentley Nevada


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