Kerosene Merox (KMX) Unit - 24,500 BPD

Kerosene Merox (KMX) Unit - 24,500 BPD

Phoenix Equipment has this 24,500 bpd Kerosene Merox (KMX) Unit for sale immediately. Kero Merox MERcaptan OXidation processes the light Kerosene cut directly from the 3CDU Column. The main purpose of the unit is: To reduce feed total acid number ( TAN ), To convert the odoriferous mercaptans in the kerosene feed to disulphides, which do not smell, To remove water soluble surfactants; and To remove oil soluble surfactants, colour forming compounds and trace metals. The kero merox consists of two reactors with a cobalt-based catalyst on an activated carbon support, operated in an alkaline environment, and auxiliary vessels downstream of the reactors for product “polishing”, which ensure that the product meets specification for both Jet (aviation fuel) and SGK (standard grade kerosene).

Major Equipment
Major Equipment for the Kerosene Merox unit includes:
-Air Compressors
-Reactors A & B
-Caustic Settler
-Clay and Salt Filters
-Water Drum
-Kerosene Injection Tanks

Jet Fuel, Standard Grade Kerosene

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