Selective Hydro-desulfurization (SHDS) Unit - 10,900 BPD

Selective Hydro-desulfurization (SHDS) Unit  - 10,900 BPD

Used 10,900 BPD Selective Hydro-desulfurization Unit built in 2003. The overall aim of the SHDS process is to produce a low sulphur gasoline blending component from cat cracked gasoline with minimal octane loss. The reactions in the SHDS reactors are desulphurisation with minimal olefin saturation to prevent octane loss: D-24, D-1. The design treat gas ratio is 15 m3 of H2 per m3 of hydrocarbon feed, with a reactor pressure of 23.5 barg, and temperatures of 160°C (start of run) to 200°C (end of run).

Major Equipment
The unit is designed for light cat cracked spirit (LCCS), and up to 15% heavy cat cracked spirit (HCCS). The products following distillation (D-3) are: LLCCS stream for gasoline blending. From operational averages this is 40% of the feed, at 46ppm Sulphur, and HLCCS stream to feed to SHDS unit for deep desulphurisation.

The equipment with this unit includes:
-SHDS Reactor 1 & 2
-Flash Drum
-Pressure Vessels and Reactor beds

Low-sulfur Gasoline Blend, LLCCS, HLCCS

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