Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH

Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH
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Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH Hydrogen Plant - 200,000 SCFH
STOCK# 366
Capacity 200,000 SCFH

Phoenix Equipment has for sale a 200,000 SCFH Hydrogen Generating Plant, designed to produce high purity hydrogen from natural gas. Hydrogen is produced by catalytic reforming of natural gas and steam at elevated temperatures in the vertical cylindrical reformer furnace. Additional hydrogen is produced by the reaction of carbon monoxide and steam in the shift converter. Impurities such as carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor are removed by the unique adsorption system, thus producing ultra pure hydrogen. Fuel for the reformer furnace is a combination of vent gas from the PSA system and refinery fuel gas from the client. Steam required for the process is generated by recovering waste heat at various points in the hydrogen plant.

Major Equipment
This 200,000 SCFH Hydrogen Generation Plant from within a refinery complex includes the following equipment:

(1) Feed heater
(1) Hydrotreater Vessel
(2) Desulfurizer Vessels
(1) Steam / Gas Lateral Heat Exchanger
(1) Feed Superheater
(1) Reformer
(1) Reformer Effluent Steam Generator
(1) Shift Converter Vessel
(1) Shift Effluent Steam Generator
(1) Boiler Feedwater Heat Exchanger
(1) Deaerator Heat Exchanger
(1) Hot & (1) Cold Condensate Drum


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