SulFerox (SFX) Unit - 4 TPD

SulFerox (SFX) Unit - 4 TPD
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SulFerox (SFX) Unit - 4 TPD SulFerox (SFX) Unit - 4 TPD SulFerox (SFX) Unit - 4 TPD
STOCK# 365
Capacity 4 TPD

Used 4 TPD Sulferox Unit built in 1996. Used for removing sulfur by using Ferric Ion and Oxidation. Sulferox (Sul-Fer-Ox) is a reduction-oxidation (redox) process that converts Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas within sour gas to elemental sulfur through reaction with aqueous Ferric Iron Fe(III). The SFX process forms solid sulfur particles that are removed by thickening and filtration of a small process stream. The filtrate is returned to the process for maximum process solution recovery. Sulfur conditioning chemicals are added to assist in sulfur section from the solution and elimination of foaming. The Sulferox process has three (3) steps: Absorption, Regeneration, and Sulfur Recovery.

Major Equipment
This complete 4 TPD SulFerox (SFX) Unit includes:

-LP Gas Absorber, where the sour fuel gas is contacted with regenerated Sulferox solution which removes the hydrogen sulphide from the gas
-Flash Vessel Separator, where sweetened fuel gas and sulferox solution separate by gravity
-Sour Water Stripper (SWS), which takes sulferox solution separated in flash vessel separator
-Vertical Regeneration Vessel, which takes clarified sulferox solution containing small particles of sulfur drawn from the SWS
-Water Cooled Heat Exchanger, which removes heat produced in pumping the plant solution and from the heat of reaction
-Larox Filter, recovers the sulphur from the slurry and produces a cake of 75 to 85% by weight solids by filtering, pressing, cake washing, pressing, air drying, cake discharge, chelate storage and dosing, chemical storage and dosing, and chelate draining

Elemental Sulfur

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