Desalination Plant - 27,000 LPH


Used 27,000 LPH Desalination Plant, designed and built by GEA Niro Kestner SA, 1998, shutdown 2006, material of construction titanium. The plant was designed to remove salt and recover product from the waste stream. Feed rate to the plant is approx 27,000 Litres/hr, evaporator consumes approx 8600 kgs/hr of steam. The unit comprises of a triple effect evaporative-crystallizer unit functioning under vacuum including forced circulation crystallizers of the MSMPR type; a finisher in order to extend the capacity of the crystallization unit and obtain a significant increase of the organic concentration contained in the final extracts of the mother liquor; a section where the feed solution undergoes a pre-treatment, comprising of a pre-heater and a flash tank; a washing and dewatering section of the NaCl crystals; a section for the dissolution of the NaCl crystals

Major Equipment

Desalinated Product

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