Stock # 144
Capacity 30,000 TPY
Products Sodium Tripolyphosphate


Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used Sodium Tripolyphosphate plant immediately available. The phosphoric acid is diluted by water to the necessary concentration, then it is fed into a reactor situated in cascade system. The solid Soda is fed also to this place. According to the product we want to produce, a solution of 80C temperature with a mole rate Na2O/P2O5 is produced. The exact mole rate of the solution is set in the end reactor, and gets into a buffer tank. Dry plant part The solution is sprayed by a pump of high pressure from the buffer tank into the direct current spray-drying tower. For drying we use furnace gas arising from the burning of the natural gas. The dried orthophosphate powder together with the cyclone product gets to the counter current calciner, and warms up to the necessary temperature (240-500C) with the help of furnace gas arising from the burning of the natural gas. The result: sodium tripolyphosphate or pyrophosphate with determined mole rate is generated in chemical reaction. The calcinated product gets into rotary cooler, where it is cooled down with water by indirect heat change. The product gets to the classifier, where it is grind in a mill to the final particle size. After classification the product gets to the silo. The products can be delivered in bulk or in bags. The moving of the soda and the final product is done by pneumatic way.

Major Equipment

(6) 500 Cu. Meter Soda Ash Storage Tanks (6) 500 Cu. Meter End Product Storage Tanks (3) 150 Cu. Meter End Product Storage Tanks (6) 16 Cu. Meter Stainless Steel Reactors (2) 45 Cu. Meter Stainless Steel Reactors High Pressure Pumps Spray Drying Tower with Gas Burner Rotary Calciner with Gas Burner Cyclone (dust removal) Misc. Scrubber Ventilators, Conveyors, Elevators, Augers Rotary Cooler Sieve Mill Pneumatic tube transport , Blowers, Packaging Equipment
Year Built
Year Shut
30,000 TPY

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