Biomass Pyrolysis Plant - 3 TPH
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Biomass Pyrolysis Plant - 3 TPH Biomass Pyrolysis Plant - 3 TPH
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Capacity 3 TPH
Products Biochar, Pyrolytic Oil, Pyroligneous Acid, Torrefied Wood


Used 3 TPH Biomass Pyrolysis Plant. This biomass pyrolysis plant uses biomass (woody/tree debris, mill residuals, animal litter/manures, crop and food processing waste) and sorted municipal solid wastes as feedstock to produce Biochar, Pyrolytic oil, Pyroligneous acid, Pyrolytic gas and Torrefied Wood. The process can run two modes: Pyrolysis and Torrefaction.

Major Equipment

• The 3 tph continuous-feed reactor and shell with motors, intake feeders and chuting, instrumentation, valves, pumps, and other essentials
• The salt furnace heating reservoir and furnace with valves, pumps, monitors, and other essential equipment
• Non-condensable gas reclamation and utilization assembly including ducting, valves, pumps, and other components
• The two-stage volatile-condensing equipment with heat-exchange units, off-gas scrubbers, valves, and other essential components
• Biochar extraction and cooling system including three-stage cooling screw conveyors, specialty racking, pumps, motors, and other essential equipment.
• Additional and necessary hardware, valves, pumps, motors, etc.
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