Low Sulfur Gasoline Unit - 40,000 BPD

Low Sulfur Gasoline Unit - 40,000 BPD

Used 40,000 BPD Low Sulfur Gasoline Unit built in 2006. Phoenix Equipment Corporation has this used 40,000 BPD low sulphur gasoline (LSG) plant from a petroleum refinery immediately available. The LSG plant treats fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline by catalytically hydrodesulfurizing sulfur compounds in the feed (forming H2S for removal) in order to meet federal sulfur specifications for gasoline. Nitrogen containing compounds are also hydrotreated to a lesser degree, forming NH3. Simultaneously, a limited amount of olefins are saturated. The LSG Unit is specifically intended to reduce the sulfur content and minimize the extent of these detrimental olefin saturation reactions.

Major Equipment
• Feed surge drum
• Diolefin saturators
• Hydrotreating reactor
• Effluent separator
• Amine absorber
• Recycle gas compressor
• Product stripper
• Stripper overhead accumulator

Low sulfur gasoline

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