LPG Recovery Unit - 6 TPH

LPG Recovery Unit - 6 TPH
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LPG Recovery Unit - 6 TPH LPG Recovery Unit - 6 TPH
STOCK# 250
Capacity 6 TPH

Used 6 TPH LPG Recovery Unit built in 1985. The LPG Recovery Unit is designed to process Crude Oil Unit off gas and recover the higher value products, LPG and naphtha. The design maximum gas feed rate is 6 TPH, producing about 3.1 TPH of LPG. Sour water (saturated with hydrogen sulfide) is drained on a regular basis from the LPG Column Feed Drum. Crude Oil off gas leaves the refinery's crude distillation unit and enters the LPG recovery unit. Feed gas is compressed and any liquid is suctioned out into the Reflux Accumulator. Condensed gas gets pumped from the LPG column feed drum into the distillation column. The objective of the distillation section is to separate C2's as a gaseous product to fuel, C3+C4's as LPG to be exported elsewhere, and C5+'s as Naphtha recycled to the reflux accumulator in the refinery's crude unit. Overhead vapor from the distillation column is condensed against cooling water. LPG Product is pumped from the Reflux Drum and a portioned is returned to the distillation tower as reflux. Off-gas from the Column Feed Drum is collected and burned in the furnace of the refinery's crude oil unit.

Major Equipment
This 6 TPH Liquified Petroleum Gas Recovery Unit (LPG Recovery Unit) comes fully complete with the following equipment:

-Compressor Suction Drum
-LPG Column Feed Drum
-Distillation Column
-Pasteuriser Condenser
-Reflux Drum

Crude Oil, LPG

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