75 HP Moltini Disperser

75 HP Moltini Disperser
STOCK# 9158
Capacity 75 HP

Used 250 gallon Moltini Dual Shaft Mixer/Disperser. Model MC 1000 S.V., Serial number 35/1, built 1972. Dual shaft, slow speed sweep, and high speed shaft and blade. Floor Mount, hydraulic lift. Carbon steel contact parts. High speed: 2.5" diameter x 30" long. 11' diameter blade. Slow speed sweep: 3.75" diameter x 35" long shaft, 3 arms. Hydraulically driven - variable speed. 75 HP (415V, 50Hz) and 40 HP hydraulic unit. Built to run under vacuum. 43.25" diameter x 43.25" deep jacketed steel tank, on casters. Bottom discharge with valve. Equipped with tank holders and control panel. Includes a operators stand with push buttons. Top cover includes misc. top inlets, 5" sight glass, 1.5" inlet with valve, vac. gauge, thermocouple, 3" inlet with valve, 10" butterfly valve, 3" inlet, 6" inlet, 1" inlet. Top includes a manifold around outer edge to collect dust.

Manufacturer Moltini
Model# MC 1000
Material Unknown
Capacity 75 HP
Category Mixers
SubCategory Dispersion
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