Used Baker Perkins Process Equipment

Renowned for its industrial process expertise, and engineering excellence in the bread, cereal, and confectionery industries, Baker Perkins has expanded into foodstuff and industrial extrusion while maintaining an uncompromising focus on quality workmanship.

Formed when Jacob Perkins’s steam-powered oven company merged with Joseph Baker’s work-saving flour scoop and sifter, Baker Perkins continues to innovate molding, bread-forming, and equipment design.

Phoenix Equipment carries a large assortment of used and reconditioned Baker Perkins mixers, centrifuges, and other components for use in commercial bakeries and food production applications.

Baker Perkins Mixers and Granulating Equipment

Phoenix Equipment buys and sells Baker Perkins’s popular double-arm mixers in several sizes, including heavily sought 200- to 500-gallon capacities. These machines were built specifically to generously aerate soft doughs used for breads, pastries, pizza crusts, etc.

Known as “universal mixers” because they can handle materials of nearly any viscosity, they use twin mixing blades to scrape and incorporate ingredients from a rectangular trough. The blades rotate with virtually no room between, so no material can escape their transverse and lateral mixing action. The blades also pull and push the ingredients as they work, providing ample opportunity for air to enter, thereby “fluffing” the dough. The sigma-shaped blades also are adept at incorporating chocolate, sugar, and other confectionery fillings and for mixing and homogenizing industrial amalgamations such as adhesives, lubricants, and pastes.

The high shearing action makes these mixers perfect for pill production and other pharmaceutical applications. Using screw extruders, powders flow properly and adhere more readily and smoothly to the binder liquid.


Baker Perkins manufactures pusher-type centrifuges used primarily to produce salt for baking applications. These filtration centrifuges continuously dewater and wash the salt crystals by subjecting the dissolved sodium chloride to centrifugal force after being pre-accelerated upon entering the centrifuge’s rotating basket through a rotating funnel. Mechanically or hydraulically induced force separates the solids.

Phoenix Equipment constantly replenishes its inventory of Baker Perkins centrifuges, mixers, and other equipment. If you don’t see the exact machine you need for your operation, contact our sales team, and we will leverage our extensive network of used equipment suppliers to find exactly what you need.