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Steam Turbine Generator Control Panel
Stock# 20988 Capacity '

Used Free standing indoor steam turbine generator protection and control panel consists of following: -Woodward 505E extraction steam turbine Governor P/N 9907-167 Rev N, S/N 14364524 -Woodward Protech 203 Overspeed protection system P/N 9907-345 Rev K, S/N 14369757 -Woodward DSLC Digital synchronizer and load control P/N 9905-603 S/N 13513447 -Woodward Servo position controller P/N 8200-226 S/N 14416752 FOR hp valves -SEL-300 G Generator management relay P/N 0300G303225X112 -SEL 2500A Generator RTD monitor -Syncheck relay -Duel Voltmeter Bus side and Generator side -Duel Frequency meter Bus side and generator side -Automatic voltage regulator DECS-200-1C, S/N H00820473 R V -Voltage regulator interface programmer (GIP) Need not use -ABB IDM 144 Power meter Digital indicating active and reactive power, current, power factor. Volts -Bently Nevada 3500 Vibration Monitoring -Kraus & Naimer RCB type C26LM lockout relay -Allen-Bradly Panelview plus 700 HMI (Human Machine Interface) -Allen-Bradly PLC model SLC-500 -Switches Turn on syncheck, lower/raise speed, lower/raise voltage, open/close field contactor(excitation), AVR manual/auto mode, synchronism select mode -Push buttons Emergency, Protection reset, lamp test, silence Horn, Spare, Open Breaker(52G) -Lights/indicators Siren, Field contact closed, Breaker closed (52G) -Cabinet lighting (120 VAC) -AC and Dc circuit breakers for control power protection -Auxiliary contactors -Terminal blocks -Field contactor -Heaters