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Therma-Flite Electric-Scru Electrically Heated Indirect Continuous Processor Dryer
Stock# 12137 Capacity 1 Sq Ft

Used Therma-Flite Electric-Scru Electrically Heated Indirect Continuous Processor Dryer. Model ESD 36-30-VAR, Style A (TWIN). Chamber, Screw / Shaft is made of 316 Stainless Steel, drive and tail end plates 304 Stainless Steel. Electrically heated screw-type thermal processor with control panel. ESD 14D-16-3 electrically heated, twin screw conveyor with electrical resistance heaters in the housing and augers. Thermal processor for indirect heating of solids, sludges, and slurries in a continuous flow method. The unit incorporates multiple ports along the top that can be utilized to capture volatile distillates. This unit includes several premium add-ons, including zoned heating for independent heating control along with the rotor and housing. The retention time in the unit and the rate of mixing is adjustable through the HMI. There are more than a dozen TCs along with Pressure transmitters and other sensors. It incorporates independent closed-loop drives for self-cleaning and clearing when processing materials that are sticky or tend to bake onto the heat transfer surfaces. The unit includes the control panel with PLC, HMI, VFD motor, and SCR heater controllers. Design Specs: Twin 14-inch augers, 16 ft in length with a 3-inch pitch. 150kW heaters with a maximum thermal temperature at the heating elements of 1600F. Process temperatures vary based on feed. Nominal 900F 1350F Design voltage: 415V/3Ph/50Hz specifications for conversion to 480V/3Ph/60Hz are available upon request. Nominal process chamber pressure 10" to 15" WC MOC for process chamber 304SS 3HP closed-loop independent drive motors on each rotor. Serial #TFL-5336. Year 2009. The unit saw minimal use in a pilot program to heat inorganic materials at the 900F to 1000F temperature range. Typical applications and processes for this equipment include: Drying, calcining, roasting, crystalizing, thermal desorption, and pyrolyzing Remediation of soils, carbon, spent catalyst, RCRA waste Thermal Processing of chemicals, carbon black, biomass, coal conversion, minerals, plastics. The equipment ships with the O&M manual, certified inspection report, general arrangement, and electrical power distribution drawings.