Used Gemco Process Equipment for Sale

Phoenix Equipment carries a large and varied stock of unused, used, and reconditioned GEMCO mixers, blenders, driers, and other associated components for general manufacturing and sanitary processes required for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and other process industries.

Featured Equipment for Sale

GEMCO designs, engineers, and builds reliable, heavy-duty equipment speeds blending and drying time to increase production efficiency and capacity. Phoenix Equipment stocks many of GEMCO’S most sought-after equipment including:

Double-Cone GEMCO Blender

Available in a wide ranch of capacities, these blenders mix dry powders to homogeneity. Phoenix routinely carries 1 to 300-cubic-foot blenders. Commonly used to blend detergents, flour, chemical granules, seeds, and dehydrated food mixes, they usually can be fitted with intensifier bars to ensure deagglomeration and thorough mixing.

Twin-Shell V-Shape GEMCO Blender

Constructed as two cones connected by a short cylinder, these blenders mix powder by continuously splitting and recombining the material into two sections. GEMCO’s twin-shell blenders use no agitators or blades, so particles do not shear but rather maintain their original size.

Double-Cone and Twin-Shell GEMCO Vacuum Dryers

Combining drying and blending, these vacuum mixers slowly rotate to constantly reapply the material to heated inner walls. Water and other solvents are extracted as the vacuum action lowers its boiling point. The gentle rotation and low temperature heating make these products ideal for fine, delicate, and heat-sensitive products of various crystal structures and particle sizes.

Founded in 1916 as a general machine shop in eastern New Jersey, GEMCO invented the double-cone blender to expedite the manufacture of gunpowder during World War II. Between the wars, burgeoning automobile industry used their blender to mix custom paint colors. GEMCO received a patent for its flagship product in 1935, and demand soared. The company pivoted to focus on improving and extending the double-cone blender product line. More than 100 years after the company’s founding, its powder-mixing blenders and driers are used by manufacturers in 37 countries operating in more than two dozen industries.

Phoenix Equipment maintains an extensive network of sources of used equipment. Our inventory is continuously expanding and changing. If you can't find the exact GEMCO blender, dryer, or other equipment you want, contact us and we will mobilize our contacts to locate it for you.