Used Feldmeier Equipment

Phoenix Equipment maintains a vast inventory of Feldmeier processing equipment to meet sanitary processing industries’ demands. Praised for its innovation and quality, Feldmeier Equipment manufactures a line of storage, agitation, and temperature modulation machinery designed for the sanitary needs of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, and dairy companies.

Inspired by family patriarch Harvey Feldmeier’s accumulation of 56 patents while serving as chief engineer for an industrial equipment manufacturer, Feldmeier Equipment began in 1952 as Sanitary Processing Equipment, Inc. Founded by Robert Feldmeier to manufacture and market his first-of-its-kind Triple Tube heat exchanger, the company has become the largest maker of stainless-steel tanks in the world.

With Feldmeier’s commitment and reputation for quality craftmanship, buying used equipment is an excellent way to get high end equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Phoenix Equipment’s supply of Feldmeier components spans the company’s product line to include not only a range of tanks, but also silos, pressure vessels, reactors and more.

Featured Equipment for Sale

Storage Solutions

Constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a Feldmeier storage vessel, tank, or silo to fit your industrial process and plant footprint. Storing and staging ingredients and keeping finished products dry and safe, these containers are customizable to deliver cooling, heating, blending, and agitation as required.

  • Pressure Vessels – Phoenix always has the company’s ASME Code-stamped pressure vessels available in common sizes from 125 to 400 gallons, as well as larger production-scale and smaller tabletop models. All are constructed by certified welders using state-of-the-art techniques and fabrication best practices.

  • Silos and Tanks - Whether you need atmospheric or pressure silos, Feldmeier’s liquid-storage options make efficient use of space while preventing contamination through a proprietary “Spray-Up” clean-in-place system.

Fermentation and Reaction

Incorporating Feldmeier’s finely engineered vessel, mixers, and heat exchangers, the company’s bioreactors and fermenters deliver the utmost in hygiene, precision microbe, culture, oxygen, nutrient, temperature, and acidity control for batch and continuous aerobic and anaerobic processing. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers need these controls to accurately create products by introducing bacteria, enzymes, yeast, and other organisms into the process.

Phoenix Equipment is confident you will find the unused, used, or reconditioned Feldmeier original equipment among our extensive inventories. If not, check back regularly; we are constantly turning over our equipment, and new shipments arrive daily. Better yet, contact one of our sales representatives and they will do everything they can to locate the exact piece you need.