Used Cherry Burrell Equipment

A manufacturer of sanitary and heavy-duty process equipment for more than a century, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell builds tanks, vessels, and heat exchangers that are known for their durability, precision, and ability to maximize productivity. Their ease of maintenance and cleaning and flexibility make them hot commodities on the used-equipment market. Phoenix Equipment carries a full and always-changing inventory of ready-to-install Cherry-Burrell equipment in a range of sizes and specifications for food and beverage, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, dairy, and chemical industries.

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Waukesha Cherry-Burrell came to prominence shortly after the turn of the century as a leader in milk pasteurization and bottling.

Having been founded in the 1880s, Cherry-Burrell, later on in the 1910s contracted with a bottle and cap company to package milk in the glass containers that helped make the white-coated, bow-tied milkman of the 1940s and 1950s an icon. Milk demand in the United States surged during the interwar period and the businesses flourished. In 1928 they and a few other associated and affiliated companies merged to create the Cherry-Burrell Corporation. At the onset of World War II, four out of every five milk bottles in the country were filled by Cherry-Burrell equipment. After the war, the company expanded its dairy product line to include homogenizers, freezers, and other equipment, along with its filler machines. Since then, Cherry-Burrell equipment has been placed in factories in more than 70 countries. Another series of mergers and acquisitions commenced in 1975, further diversifying the Cherry-Burrell equipment portfolio to include pumps, valves, and processing machinery. Today Waukesha Cherry-Burrell is part of SPX Flow, a global leader in manufacturing headquartered in Delavan, Wisc.

Phoenix Equipment buys and stocks an extensive array of used Cherry-Burrell’s most popular lines:

  • Heat Exchangers - Best known for its workhorse scraped-surface models, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell also builds sturdy plate exchangers featuring large surface areas and high agitation ideally suited for low-viscosity fluids. Our huge selection of Cherry-Burrell scraped-surface heat exchangers satisfies customers working with heat-sensitive and delicate products such as food, chemicals, and cosmetics. The scraping action forces more material into contact with the cooling media walls. Of course, the scraping action delivers more of the processing media into the heat transfer zone. But it also makes the process more efficient by shearing sticky material from the cylinder sides and stripping ice crystals and befouling media from the heat exchange walls, expediting the process.

  • Tanks – Most of the Cherry-Burrell storage tanks Phoenix Equipment carries were previously used in the food industry, so they’re capable of handling any sanitary process. Manufactured to the company’s strict safety and hygienic standards, these stainless steel tanks may include a number of options, including clean-in-place spray balls, anchor or sweep agitators, and precise temperature and pH control for storing and preserving any material, liquid or dry, raw or cooked. Our customers often choose Waukesha Cherry-Burrell tanks for sanitary handling including fermentation, mixing, balancing, and crystallization.

  • Pressure Vessels, Kettles, and Reactors– Phoenix Equipment makes sure to stock a huge variety of always-in-demand and always-available Cherry-Burrell’s stainless steel pressure vessels in capacities from 150 to 500 gallons. We also stock enterprise-supporting vessels of 15,000 gallons and more. Whether you need to mix, separate, decompose, or simply store your product at a constant pressure, we can help you select the Waukesha Cherry-Burrell used pressure vessels you need. Our inventory includes pressure vessels in your choice of internal and jacket pressure and temperature ratings and various diameters, jacket styles and insulators, and top and bottom shapes for handling loading, unloading, and cleaning functions.

The Cherry-Burrell equipment listed on this page is in stock and ready to be delivered to your facility. If you don’t see what you need here, contact our dedicated sales team and give them your specifications. Phoenix Equipment maintains a vast network of buyers and suppliers that sends us new inventory every week. We will alert them to be on the lookout for the exact Cherry-Burrell tank, reactor, homogenizer, or other processing and storage equipment to match your application.