Used Cleaver Brooks Boilers for Sale

Phoenix Equipment carries a large and varied stock of unused, used, and reconditioned Cleaver Brooks boilers and integrated boiler room original equipment.

From its inception as a mass producer of portable industrial boilers, Cleaver Brooks today is known for its robust investment in research and development. That commitment has elevated the company to industry-standard status in the manufacturing of firetube and watertube boilers for more than 90 years.  Cleaver Brooks has revolutionized the industry with its innovative and integrated systems that optimize boiler, burner, and control-system performance.

Featured Equipment for Sale

Cleaver Brooks Watertube Boilers

Watertube boilers generate steam by burning fuel inside a furnace through which sealed tubes circulate a water supply. The fire boils the water, causing steam to rise into a drum where it can be drawn off for power or funneled into a superheater. Phoenix Equipment deals in several popular Cleaver Brooks watertube boilers, including the CB model, a 4-pass dryback with atomizing burner. Later CBLE models add flue-gas recirculation to reduce emissions.

Cleaver Brooks Firetube Boilers

Generating steam by passing tubes containing hot gas through containers of water, firetube boilers generally use older technology than watertube boilers. Cleaver Brooks, however, has developed the world’s only integral firetube burner that eliminates the need for external ducting. The result is a compact, less expensive, and safer boiler. Precise matching of the burner with the boiler prevents overfiring and cycling.

Phoenix Equipment continuously expands and upgrades our inventory. If you can't find the exact Cleaver Brooks boiler and integrated equipment you are looking for, contact us and we will mobilize our worldwide network of contacts to locate it for you.