3 MM BTU Struthers Wells Hot Oil Boiler

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STOCK# 9836
Capacity 3 MM BTU

3.0 million BTU/Hr. Therminol heater system. MFD by Struthers Wells, model 5CV10.4(1), job # 98-28-30489, built 1998. System can be batch or continuously operated. Main system components: Direct fired heater, model 5CV-10-4. Heat stack. 8" inlet stack with Rain Cap. 2 x New York blowers #15 PLR class II. 3x VAW model 16 VC1B-24 inlet silencer. Fuel train LE-CSG-3W Gas, low NOx burner with electric ignition pilot assembly. High temp. mortar. Control panel. Natural gas pilot rated 4 Lbs/Hr flow with inlet pressure 10 psi and outlet pressure of 8 psi. Flow coefficient Cv 0.28. Combustion air blower with static pressure of 9.55 WC. Air tem. 95 deg. F, air flow rate 3457 Lbs/Hr. Direct fired heater type Vertical, Cylindrical forced draft. Heat absorption 3.0MM BTU/Hr.

Manufacturer Struthers Wells
Model# 5CV10.4(1)
Material Unknown
Capacity 3 MM BTU
Category Boilers
SubCategory Hot Oil
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