36 " Dia Bota Welding Tray Column

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STOCK# 13210
Capacity 36 " Dia

Used Butadiene Distillation Column. Skid Mounted Hi-Purity Distillation System. Originally designed to purify butadiene. Unit consist of a distillation column. 36" dia x 38'L. Carbon steel. Mfg by Bota Welding. (16) Sulzer trays, type SVG AF V-GRID, shell 150 psi @ 300 deg F. National Board #182. Serial #D-110. Built 2008. Also, forced circulation reboiler, overhead condenser, product and bottoms cooler, reflux tank, reboiler circulation pump. Piping is carbon steel, instrumentation is 316SS. Also see Stock numbers 13211, 13212, 13213, 13214. D-110 is a skid-mounted Butadiene Distillation column, i.e. feed liquid added to the 8th tray (numbered from the bottom) of the column plus reflux liquid added to the 16th (top tray of the column) cascade over each of 16 perforated tray decks, condensing components having high boiling points (e.g. 4-VCH and various additives), while allowing low boiling point components (e.g. Butadiene) to flow to the top of the column as vapor. Over the 16 trays, 4-VCH is effectively removed from the butadiene so that the overhead streams in the system are free of 4-VCH and the bottom streams have concentrated 4-VCH and other high boilers with a reduced amount of butadiene. Measurement of 4-VCH is by manual sampling and off-skid laboratory analysis.

Manufacturer Bota Welding
Model# Not Applicable
Material Unknown
Capacity 36 " Dia
Category Columns
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