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Phoenix Equipment is a Global Buyer and Seller of New, Used and Reconditioned Chemical Processing Reactors and Reactor Equipment. Our large inventory of New, Used and Refurbished Process Reactors and Chemical Mixing / Reactor Equipment includes: Glass Lined Reactors, Glass Lined Reactor Bodies, Stainless Steel Reactors, Stainless Steel Reactor Bodies, Carbon Steel Reactors, High Alloy Reactors, and European Glass Lined and Stainless Steel Reactors.

Buying and Selling New, Used and Reconditioned Reactors

Phoenix Equipment currently has in its inventory a wide variety of Stainless Steel, Glass Lined Steel, High Alloy, and Carbon Steel High pressure and hydrogenation reactor equipment that can be used in many different industries and applications including chemical processing, food and beverage production, paper and pulp processing, bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and plastics processing, and more. A Reactor is the term for a vessel in the chemical processing industries that is used for a variety of process operations, including: product mixing, chemical reactions, batch distillation, liquid extraction, polymerization, solids dissolution, and other forms of reaction, mixing, or catalyst functions. A reactor consists of a tank or body with an agitator and heating or cooling system. Vessels are usually fabricated with Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Glass Lined Steel or High Alloy Steel, depending on the corrosiveness of the chemicals or products being used. Usually, an agitator is mounted centrally through the center opening atop the vessel, attached to the overhead drive unit and has impeller blades on the shaft inside the vessel. Products within reactors usually emit or absorb heat during processing. In order to hold the reactor contents at the desired temperature, heat has to be added or removed by a cooling jacket or cooling pipe. Heating/cooling coils or external jackets are used for heating and cooling reactors. Heat transfer fluid passes through the jacket or coils to add or remove heat. Our Stainless Steel Reactors, Glass Lined Reactors, High Alloy Reactors, and Carbon Steel Reactors come jacketed, non-jacketed, dished-top, dished-bottom, flat-top, flat-bottom, internally-coiled, pipe-jacketed and more. There are many different types of Chemical Reactors to choose from, and Phoenix Equipment has the expertise to help you find the right equipment for you.

Chemical Process Reactors, made from Stainless Steel, Glass-Lined Steel, High Alloys such as Hastelloy, Tantalum, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Nickel and Cupronickel, and Carbon Steel, are used in many different industries and applications, including: Chemical Processing Industry, Petrochemical & Chemical Processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverage Production, Paper & Pulp Processing, Biopharmaceutical, Plastics Processing, and Many More. Phoenix Equipment offers a large selection of Reactors from all manufacturers, including: A.O. Smith, Advanced Process Solutions, Advanced Process Systems, Alabama Heat Exchanger, Alco Products, Alloy Fabricators Inc., American Alloy, Ametek, API Heat Transfer, API Ketema, Atlas Industrial, Atlas Tank Co., B. Braun, Baeurle & Morris, Becomix, Bos-Hatten, Brask, Inc. – IEE, Brighton Corp., Buckley Iron Works, Cataract Steel Industries, Cherry-Burrell, Coastal Industrial Fabricators, Cust-O-Fab, Inc., DCI Inc., De Dietrich, Delta Southern, Doyle & Roth, Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc., Energy Exchanger Company, Expert Industries, Fabricated Products, Fabsco, Feldmeier, Flint Steel, General Welding Works, George G Rodger Co., Graham Engineering Answers, Groen, Hamilton, Heat Transfer Equipment Company (HTE), Henry Technologies, Hughes Anderson Heat Exchangers, Inc., Joseph Oat, Kennedy Tank and Manufacturing Co., Inc., Ketema, Krueger Engineering & Mfg. Co., Lee Industries, Manning & Lewis Engineering Co, Missouri Boiler & Tank Co., Mitternight Boiler Works, Monticello, Mueller, Nooter, Northland Stainless, NSM Industries Inc., Ohmstede, Paterson, Paul Mueller, Pfaudler, Pfaudler – Balfour, Precision Stainless, Process Engineering & Manufacturing, RAS Process Equipment, Reco, Riley Beaird, Roark Enterprises Inc., Roben, Robert Mitchell, Roberts Co., Rubicon Industries Corp., Samuel Pressure Vessel Group, Sheco (Southern Heat Exchanger Company), Sovereign Stainless Steel Fabricators, SPX Heat Transfer, Stearns & Roger Engineering, Steel Fabricators, Steeltek, Struthers Wells (TEI), Texas Tank, Tolan, Trinity Industries, Walker, Ward Tank & Heat Exchanger, Western Supply Co., WHE Bio System, Wyatt Industries, Yula and many more! Phoenix Equipment offers a large, diverse inventory of Stainless Steel Reactors, Glass Lined Reactors, and High Alloy Reactors that can be used in several different industries and applications.

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