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Phoenix Equipment is a Global Buyer and Seller of New, Used and Reconditioned Kettles, including Stainless Steel Kettles, Dual Motion Kettles, and Triple Motion Kettles.

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Phoenix Equipment buys and sells used Stainless Steel Single Motion Kettles and Processors, Dual Motion Kettles and Triple Motion Kettles such as DCI Kettles, DCI Processors, Groen Kettles, Groen Processors, Cherry Burrell Kettles, Cherry Burrell Processors, Paul Mueller Kettles, Lee Industries Kettles, and many others. Call Phoenix Equipment today to receive a quote for one of our kettles or processors or any other process equipment you need.

Phoenix supplies used and reconditioned stainless steel kettles in single, dual and triple motion for many industries and applications including: Food Processing, Beverage Processing, Grain Processing, Chemical Processing, Dairy Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing.

A kettle is a straight side vessel with a flat top, dished or fully rounded bottom. It can be single wall or jacketed for cooling and steam heating.  Some units are electrically heated instead of using a steam jacket. The top can be open; have a full removable lid; or half open lid where ingredients can be added. Kettles are typically made of 304/316 stainless steel or carbon steel.

A kettle can be supplied with or without agitation. Mixing kettles could have simple high speed mixers clamped to the sidewall for easy removal and disassembly; or have more sophisticated top entering agitators which can be mounted to the lid or a bridge.

A Mixing kettle is used for liquid-liquid or powder-liquid blending and mixing. It can be used for small or large-scale production and has the functions of dispersing, emulsifying, heating and cooling to fulfill different production process requirements.  It can be stably running for long time, has the advantages of low noise, simple operation and strong adaptability, and ideal multi-functional for mixing and dispersing. Mixing kettles can be atmospheric or vacuum rated. The mixing kettle used in the following industries: biological, pharmaceutical, food, paint, ink, adhesives, dyes, pesticides etc.

A single motion mixing kettle has a high or low speed agitator or sweep type agitator which scrapes the side and bottom walls to prevent product buildup or baking on the walls.

Dual or double motion kettles have a high or low speed agitator with a sweep agitator, or a counter rotating blade mixer.

Triple motion kettles have a sweep agitator with a combination of 2 additional low speed/high speed mixers.

Major Manufacturers of kettles and processors are: Groen, Hamilton, APV Crepaco, Walker, Mueller, Hubbert, Dover, Cleveland, DCI, Lee Industries, Paul Mueller, Olsa, Martin Petersen, Feldmeier, JC Pardo, Allegheny Bradford, Willflow, Apache, Alloy Craft, Northland Stainless, BCD, JV Northwest, Cherry Burrell, Precision Stainless, Bendel, Robert Sanderson, Sanifer, Perma San, and Tri Canada.

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